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Sajt namenjen informisanju kriminalista i forenzicara u Srbiji, kako studenata, tako i zaposlenih kriminalista, forenzicara, tehnicara....
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 Hello can I post this here?

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Hello can I post this here? Empty
PočaljiNaslov: Hello can I post this here?   Hello can I post this here? Icon_minitimeSre Avg 03, 2011 1:45 am

Hello. mg5pro,Most of the people that come to AD do not even do a search on how to do certain movies. They just post a question. If you had been at this Forum 1 1/2 years ago most the only help you would have gotten was " read the forum rules and have you done a search because the answer is there". If the person then stated he did a search of the threads here he or she was assisted. AD then asked the members to be a little more kind and bend alittle w/ the noobs. We did and this is what alkohol is trying to tell the people. If you do the movie this way it will work. He put alot of time in writing and I'll guarantee you all he does is cut and paste how to do it . That is alot quicker than having to re-type the sam thing over and over. He did the research and this forum thanks him for the hard work he does in helping the members here.LOCOENG does a great service to this forum as he is on it daily. I have watched him come up through the ranks and his info is usually dead on.You are only a Junior Member as you do not have many posts. You need to not try and get into a pissing contest w/ a member that outranks you as that will not endear you to the other members. My advice to you is to let it drop as everyone you had something to say back to outranks you in seniority and more than likely has more knowledge.If someone wants to post I did Constant Gardner only using DVDD then why worry about it. They might be trying to get out of Junior status up to member status
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Hello can I post this here?
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